Let’s Go! benjyfishy’s Fortnite Journey

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Let's Go!

In this book, I share stories from the early days of Benjy’s sporting ambitions to finding gaming and mastering Fortnite. As a single mother I faced a lot of challenges and dilemmas when Benjy left full-time education, after he was offered a life-changing contract with the esports organization NRG.

I also share the happy memories of travelling and supporting Benjy who played LAN tournaments and events around the world, most notably the 2019 World Cup in New York.

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ISBN (print): 9781739831905
ISBN (ebook): 9781739831912
Publisher: Fish Emedia
Length: 190 pages
Dimensions: 240(h) x 150(w) mm
RRP (print): £19.99
RRP (ebook): £10.99

Fortnite has changed my life and I’m forever grateful and I really don’t see any of this slowing down. (benjyfishy)

Readers get to hear from Benjy too, through direct quotes that feature in each chapter of the journey book. His passion for the game is clearly palpable and his commitment is unfaltering.

The fishy facts, vibrant design and Benjy caricature are also fun additions for fans.

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Anne Fish

About the author

Based in Surrey, UK, Anne has acted as her son Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish’s manager since he signed with the esports organisation NRG, in March 2019. She has been involved in all the logistical and practical aspects of Benjy’s career, such as arranging all travel, accommodation and tournament schedules as well as external negotiations and legal matters. Through her role as an esports manager, she has gained a unique insight and extensive knowledge about the competitive world of Fortnite and esports. Anne is passionate about supporting parents of new professional players as an esports mentor and helping to guide the next generation of aspiring professional players, and is an advisor for the Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE). Anne connects with Fortnite fans through her social media under the alias mamabenjyfishy. In 2021, Anne started playing Fortnite herself and became the first-ever mum of a professional gamer to sign for an esports organisation, Galaxy Racer Esports (GXR).

Photo credit: Emily Mudie Photography