mamabenjyfishy – Answering your questions about benjyfishy

Frequently asked Questions

When did Benjy start playing Fortnite?
Benjy started playing Fortnite in Season 3 (March/April 2018)

When did Benjy realise he could go pro?
February 2019 after winning the Montana Black event with his duo partner Martin aka MrSavage

How does Benjy handle pressure at such a young age?
Benjy has always been active and enjoyed sports including rugby, cricket, football and ten-pin bowling. Unfortunately, due to developing Osgood Schlatter’s he was in a lot of pain and had to stop his sporting activities. Benjy has always enjoyed the challenge and pressure of competing at the highest level in traditional sports, and Fortnite allowed him to continue to fuel his competitiveness as an esports athlete.

How does Benjy meet Martin – MrSavage?
Benjy and Martin were both in the same friends group so they had talked to each other prior to being duo partners. There was a solo gauntlet tournament which they were both streaming and kept getting in each other’s games and fighting each other. Martin messaged Benjy and they started talking and asked he would like to try out as his duo. They instantly clicked and had a natural chemistry subsequently they decided to partner and became one of the few players to double qualify for solos and duos in the Fortnite World Cup 2019.

How long does Benjy practise every day?
It depends on if there are any major tournaments but on average about 8 hours a day.

What is your advice for players to improve and start placing?
Watch VOD reviews of the top players and practising your mechanics. Solo Arena and just playing a lot.

What are Benjy’s Plans for the Future?
At the moment Benjy is focusing on playing competitively and looking to win FNCS and the World Cup 2021. Longer term I think he will remain within the world of esports possibly coaching, managing or owning his own organisation.

Tournament Results

24/02/19Montana Black 25k – Duo1st
07/04/19World Cup Warmup Duo – Europe1st
14/04/19World Cup 2019 Solo Week 1 – Europe3rd
21/04/19World Cup 2019 Duo Week 2 – Europe1st
19/05/19World Cup 2019 Duo Week 6 – Europe3rd
31/05/19UMG Friday Fortnite – Duo1st
21/06/19World Cup 2019 Duo Week 10 – Europe3rd
27/07/19World Cup Finals 2019 Duos14th
28/07/19World Cup Finals 2019 Solos25th
18/08/19FNCS Season X – Trios – Europe Week 12nd
22/08/19Champion’s Solos Cash Cup Week 1 – Europe3rd
25/08/19FNCS Season X – Trios – Europe Week 21st
30/08/19Champions Trios Cash Cup Week 2 Europe1st
01/09/19FNCS Season X – Trios – Europe Week 32nd
05/09/19Champions Solos Cash Cup Week 3 Europe1st
06/09/19Champions Trios Cash Cup Week 3 Europe1st
08/09/19FNCS Season X – Trios – Europe Week 41st
13/09/19Champions Trios Cash Cup Week 4 Europe2nd
15/09/19FNCS Season X – Trios – Europe Week 51st
18/09/19Contender’s Solos Cash Cup – Week 5 – Europe2nd
19/09/19Champions Solos Cash Cup Week 5 Europe1st
22/09/19FNCS Season X – Trios Finals Europe Finals10th
27/09/19Twitchcon 2019 Finals San Diego6th
08/12/19FNCS Chapter 2 Season 1 – Squads – Grand Finals Europe2nd
02/02/20Australian Open 202013th
23/02/20Dreamhack Anaheim11th
18/03/20Contender Cash Cup – Duo Shadow – Europe2nd
22/03/20FNCS Week 1 – Duo – Europe2nd
25/03/20Contender Cash Cup – Duo Ghost – Europe3rd
01/04/20Contender Cash Cup –  Duo Shadow – Europe2nd
15/04/20Daily Duo Cup1st
19/04/20Daily Duo Cup1st
27/04/20Daily Duo Cup1st
01/05/20Platform Cash Cup Solo – Europe1st
11/05/20FNCS Invitational Week 1 – Europe1st
17/05/20FNCS Invitational Week 2 – Europe1st
28/05/20Contender Cash Cup 2 – Trios – Europe1st
26/06/20Amar Trios Cup1st
15/07/20Champion Cash Cup – Trios – Europe1st
19/07/20Dreamhack Finals – Europe6th
22/07/20Daily Trios Cup1st
23/7/20Platform Cash Cup – Solo – Europe1st
23/07/20Daily Trios Cup1st
27/7/20Daily Trio Cup2nd
30/07/20Daily Trios Cup1st
02/08/20FNCS 2 Qualifier – Europe1st
06/08/20Platform Cash Cup – Solo – Europe2nd
12/8/20Aqua and Nyrox Throwback Cup – Duo – Europe3rd
26/8/20Champion Cash Cup – Trios – Europe1st